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On her 80th Birthday, Julia left Cape Town in her 20 year old Toyota Conquest, destination: London. In defeat of the skeptics, she surely crossed the African continent, as well as the European continent, to celebrate her 81st Birthday in London!
Julia has shown the world that Africa is not the dark continent it is often perceived as, but has shone a ray of hope by raising awareness and building bridges across the divide between Africa and Europe.
Now what is she to do, now that her odyssey is completed? Well, drive back to Cape Town, of course! You can support her right here by direct donations.

You can also show your support by using “supportmyafricanconquest” as coupon code at checkout when you purchase any item of your choice from this website, even gift vouchers! Using this code will channel 20% of your purchase cost directly to Julia and Tracy, their epic journey, and her causes, and allowing them to continue their travels. Of course, you will receive a thank you card for playing your part to make it happen!

Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and myafricanconquest.

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