A timeless limited edition…
For this limited edition, Caran d’Ache pays homage to watch dials – repositories of the identity of exceptional timepieces. Guardians of the march of time, they faithfully accompany it down through the ages.

Journey around the dial…
10 hours and 10 minutes. The ideal moment to stop the movement of the hands. The reinterpretation of the constituent elements of a watch dial on an original writing instrument. A journey around the dial, instantly plunging you into the world of luxury watchmaking.

When mechanical art meets technical design…
Several elements of exclusive know-how are brought together in perfect harmony in this unique piece: guillochage, engraving, manual polishing, lacquering and PVD treatment.

A cap to be changed according to your desire…
The 1010 Timekeeper limited edition boasts two silver- and rhodium-plated caps that can be changed according to the user’s desire, just as you would change a watch strap. The first cap is inspired by the mesh design of metallic watch straps. The second cap echoes the codes of watch crowns used to set the time.

Since it was founded in 1915, Caran d’Ache has passionately designed and created writing
instruments combining elegance, audacity and innovation. In its Geneva workshops, the Maison creates exceptional 100% Swiss Made pieces that reflect the know-how of its master-artisans. The 1010 collection from the Maison Caran d’Ache celebrates the encounter between Haute Ecriture and luxury watchmaking. Two art forms inextricably linked with Swiss heritage, embodying ingenuity and technical virtuosity. The 1010 Timekeeper limited edition marks the second chapter in this collection, ten years after the 1010 Chrono limited edition. A homage to watch dials that faithfully accompany the march of time through the ages. An Haute Ecriture journey that instantly plunges you into the graphic world of luxury watchmaking.

The 1010 Timekeeper limited edition displays its technical dimension on the silver- and rhodium-plated body of the 500 carefully crafted pieces. Several elements of the exclusive know-how of the Maison Caran d’Ache’s master-artisans are brought together to create this unique writing instrument: guillochage, engraving, manual polishing, lacquering and PVD treatment. A semi-transparent sheath in lightweight and resistant polished synthetic glass surrounds the body of the writing instrument, lending it a brilliant appearance. The 18-carat-gold, rhodium-plated fountain pen nib is delicately engraved with the 1010 hands. A black lacquered box, similar to that of a watch case, protects the 1010 Timekeeper limited edition against the ravages of time. Inside, the timeless writing instrument is presented with two silver- and rhodium-plated caps engraved with a generic numbering “1 in 500 pieces” to be changed according to the user’s desire. They are reminiscent of a watch strap, one with a chain-link effect drum pattern, the
other echoing the codes of watch crowns. Within the box, an inkwell has been specially designed for this limited edition.


Technical details:

  • A wealth of elements are designed to fit smoothly into the product design comprising 72 parts.
  • Our artisans rose to the technical challenge of transposing the complex construction of a dial onto a cylindrical shape. All components
    are layered and assembled with millimetric precision inside the transparent cage. A 3D pattern featuring a wealth of details.
  • Milling, satin-brushing, polishing, diamond grinding, guillochage, gemsetting…, resulting in a unique creation combining expertise,
    artisanal skills and artistic crafts


  • 500 pieces available, caps engraved with a generic “1 in 500 pieces”


18-carat gold and rhodium-coated. It is built and polished by hand to provide exquisite softness and comfort in writing.

Each part of the pen’s internal mechanism – piston pump, ink-feed system and nib – all
benefit from the technical mastery and skills of Caran d’Ache craftsmen.
The piston pump is set with a ruby as in a winding crown.

  • Ring pattern comprising 120 graduations representing half-seconds.
  • Each 1010 Timekeeper writing instrument comes with 2 silver- and rhodium-plated caps.
  • The interior cage represents a Haute Horlogerie dial.
  • Indexes: The main hours appear in Roman numerals:. III, VI, IX, XII.
  • Hands: The dial bears three hands: Hours hand, Minutes hand, Seconds hand, also called large or center seconds.
  • Clous de Paris guillochage: A play on contrasts between the satin-brushed finish of the chapter ring and the sparkling Clous de Paris hobnail pattern in the center. The ring framing it features a ratcheted motif composed of 120 graduations representing half-seconds.
  • Aperture inspired by moon phases: Like a horological complication, a tiny dial aperture reveals the level of “Idyllic Blue” ink in the piston ink pump.
  • Brand signature: Caran d’Ache Genève signs the dial with a dedicated cartouche. All components are layered and assembled with millimetric precision inside the transparent cage in lightweight and resistant polished synthetic glass.

Black-lacquered box resembling a watch presentation box, made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) wood.
2 freely interchangeable caps and its inkwell.
Exclusive ink bottle in raw glass (‘Idyllic Blue’ ink).

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