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The robustness, the flexible clip and the user-friendliness of the pushbutton make the 849 a trusty everyday companion that is both modern and fun, thanks to the many different styles in which it comes. Themes dear to the heart of Swiss identity coexist with motifs and shades trending on international fashion runways. Pure, luminous colours, along with fluorescents and metallics entirely cover the bodies of the ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, accentuating a classical look or a pop art spirit.

The exceptional performance of the Goliath cartridge, capable of writing up to 600 flawless A4 pages, complements the timeless design of the 849.

Hexagonal aluminium body, lightweight and durable
XL format (+28% compared to 849 ballpoint pen)
Dimensions: 137.2 x 10.4 mm
Clip and Button Nickel-plated finish.

Supplied with a Caran d’Ache 849 Roller M black refill (Ø 0.7 mm).

White metal slimpack with a sticker matching the 849 Roller model and indicating the roller form of writing.
Dimension: 19.9 x 5.9 x 1.7 cm.


Display 12pc, White, Black, Red, Blue, Grey


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