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888 ballpoint pen display various - blue ink - Display box of 30 pens CARAN 888.299 R4,320.00 incl. VAT 0
Swiss Cross - blue ink - Single pen CARAN 888.253 R240.00 incl. VAT 7
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Scarlet Red - blue ink - Single pen CARAN 888.570 R133.00 incl. VAT 9
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Ruby Pink - blue ink - Single pen CARAN 888.280 R133.00 incl. VAT 3
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Orange - blue ink - Single pen CARAN 888.030 R133.00 incl. VAT 0
Lemon Yellow - blue ink - Single pen CARAN 888.240 R133.00 incl. VAT 0
Spring Green - blue ink - Single pen CARAN 888.470 R133.00 incl. VAT 0
Turquoise Blue - blue ink - Single pen CARAN 888.171 R133.00 incl. VAT 0
Night Blue - blue ink - Single pen CARAN 888.149 R133.00 incl. VAT 0
Charcoal Grey - blue ink - Single pen CARAN 888.409 R133.00 incl. VAT 0
White - blue ink - Single pen CARAN 888.001 R133.00 incl. VAT 290
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White - black ink - Single pen CARAN NN888.001 R133.00 incl. VAT 478
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Black - blue ink - Single pen CARAN 888.009 R133.00 incl. VAT 50
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Black - black ink - Single pen CARAN NN888.009 R133.00 incl. VAT 163
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The 888 Infinite pen confidently meets the demand for an affordable everyday pen without compromise on quality and function. At a price that makes it ideally suited to bulk corporate handouts, proudly bearing the highly regarded Caran D’Ache logo and Swiss Made inscription. The 888 Infinite pen is a recent addition to the Caran D’Ache range of pens. It is cleverly designed to bring an optimized form and function.

The solid synthetic body provides exceptional strength, and the smooth finish remains clean and hygienic. A steel end cap and steel front part of the pen provide ideal hardness on the wearing parts. This pen will likely look like new after a year of heavy use.

But the real beauty of the 888 Infinite ballpoint pen is revealed when it is put to paper. The writing experience is so smooth, that the 888 Infinite pen writes with minimal pressure. It feels like the weight of the pen alone is sufficient to start writing immediately, and it continues to write consistently without blotches or leaks.

While pens, in general, remain a most favored bulk corporate gift, the 888 Infinite pen promises to become your customers’ favorite pen for years to come, proudly carrying your logo alongside the legendary Caran D’Ache logo.

The Caran D’Ache name is proudly associated with Swiss heritage. The extraordinary quality control measures of the high-end writing instruments and artist products for which the Caran D’Ache brand is well recognized are also applied to these affordable pens. The 888 Infinite pens, too, are also produced in-house at the factory in Geneva, Switzerland.



Technical details of the Caran D’Ache 888 Infinite ballpoint pen:

body: solid synthetic resin body for maximum strength, with a metal cap and metal front part to ensure maximum hardness on wearing parts. Smooth finish for the best hygiene.

colors: Available in 10 standard colors. On orders of 1,000 pens, the choice of colors is nearly Infinite, ideal for matching colors closely in corporate gifting

  • Standard colors – White, Black, Night Blue, Turquoise Blue, Spring Green, Slate Grey, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Scarlet, Ruby Pink

cartridge: Replaceable SwissRide cartridges in blue or black ensure that the 888 Infinite pen has a life of many years, providing the best return on investment for pens used as corporate gifts. The SwissRide cartridges feature the latest technology innovative ink system that provides extreme writing comfort and an incomparably smooth feel. It writes consistently reliable with unparalleled light pressure, does not run dry, does not blotch, and does not leak. It must be experienced to be appreciated.  The Swissride cartridges are available here.

ink color: the SwissRide cartridges are available with blue or with black cartridges. factory default blue ink cartridge supplied with the pen.

packaging: none

Care and maintenance

Tender loving care of your product will ensure that it remains in good shape for as long as possible. Even though the 888 is an extremely tough pen, it can of course be damaged by excessive mechanical force, high temperatures, or exposure to aggressive or corrosive chemicals.

Avoid exposure to high temperatures which can cause the wax seal on the ink to melt and cause the ink to dry.


The 888 Infinite ballpoint pen forms part of the Caran D’Ache Office Line range, covered by a 2-year works warranty.



White, Charcoal Grey, Black, Night Blue, Turquoise Blue, Spring Green, Veronese Green, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Scarlet Red, Ruby Pink, various, Swiss Cross

ink colour

black ink, blue ink


Single pen, Display box of 30 pens


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