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Light colours - 12 CF 12912DBXC R867.00 incl. VAT 4
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Light colours - 24 CF 12924CBXC R1,517.00 incl. VAT 0
Dark colours - 12 CF 12912CBXC R867.00 incl. VAT 3
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Dark colours - 24 CF 12924DBXC R1,517.00 incl. VAT 0
Landscape colours - 24 CF 12924LBXC R1,517.00 incl. VAT 0
Sky and Seasons - 72 CF 12072CBXC R4,836.00 incl. VAT 0

BlockX has been manufacturing artist colours in Belgium since 1865. In the BlockX tradition, the colours are made with highly concentrated and meticulously selected pigments from around the world. All the pigments are used pure, with no bulking agents added whatsoever, for maximum saturation.

Still today, the slow mixing and grinding using a cylindrical porphyry grinding stone is performed with the utmost care for the colour itself, and is as close to hand-grinding as possible for an extremely high-quality result and optimal finesse of the pigment. This traditional production method prevents the colours from overheating, thereby ensuring they remain fine, smooth and pure.
The BLOCKX pigments have received acclaim from the greatest artists, including Salvador Dalí, Edward Hopper, Camille Pissarro and René Magritte.

Each pastel is 1.27cm x 6.6cm.


Set colours

Light colours, Dark colours, Landscape colours, Sky and Seasons

Set size

12, 24, 72


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