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“L’Esprit des Forêts”, or spirit of the forests, presents 25 exclusive illustrations of our planet’s most attractive forests, also available as set of 12 detachable postcards. Created by the illustrator, Ambre Verschaeve, the drawings are full of patterns inspired by the flora and fauna that can be found in northern latitudes or in temperate, Mediterranean and tropical climates.
Focusing on plants, animals and natural curiosities, the plates take you on a varied and soothing journey. They offer a time-out between rolling countrysides, dense foliage, butterflies, flamingos, flowers and fruits.

The rich content of the theme is presented on high-quality drawing paper adapted to both dry and watercolour techniques. The book also includes educational pages providing step-by-step advice on how to make use of different colouring techniques so that budding artists can give free rein to their creative instincts.


Colouring Book, Colouring Postcard Set


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