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0666.920 Caran D'Ache Pablo set of 120 pencils wooden gift box 120 pencils in wooden gift box CARAN 666.920 R11,643.00 incl. VAT 1
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120 pencils CARAN 666.420 R9,662.00 incl. VAT 4
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80 pencils CARAN 666.380 R6,122.00 incl. VAT 5
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40 pencils CARAN 666.340 R2,977.00 incl. VAT 5
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30 pencils CARAN 666.330 R2,173.00 incl. VAT 10
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18 pencils CARAN 666.318 R1,248.00 incl. VAT 8
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12 pencils CARAN 666.312 R827.00 incl. VAT 9
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Caran D'Ache Pablo Pencil single colour pencils available from link at the bottom of this page CARAN 666.___ R68.00 incl. VAT 0

Caran D’Ache Pablo coloured pencils feature a dry and permanent lead, resistant to powder formation. These superior colour pencils cater for the highest requirements of artists, illustrators, graphic art, and art tuition, with excellent luminance / opaqueness ratio on the range of 120 colours.

Pablo leads have a high covering power, perfect for large areas of colour. They give excellent luminosity, even on black paper.

Manufactured at the Caran D’Ache factory in Geneva, Switzerland from FSC certified wood.



  • hexagonal, 6.8mm to the sides, 7.4mm to the edges
  • 175mm long
  • FSC certified premium quality Californian cedar wood
  • 6 aqueous layers of varnish matching the colour of the lead


  • 3.8mm diameter
  • soft lead
  • corresponds to 4B-5B graphite
  • very low friability
  • excellent sharpening quality

A range of 120 colours as listed in the colour chart below. The UV lightfastness of each colour is listed. The content of each assortment set can be seen on the colour chart:

Caran D'Ache Pablo colour chart

Caran D'Ache Pablo technical details



pack size

single colour pencils available from link at the bottom of this page, 12 pencils, 18 pencils, 30 pencils, 40 pencils, 80 pencils, 120 pencils, 120 pencils in wooden gift box


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