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Caran D'Ache waterbrush pens set of 3 set of 3 CARAN 115.303 R460.00 incl. VAT 29
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Caran D'Ache waterbrush pen large tip Large Tip CARAN 115.201 R169.00 incl. VAT 28
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Caran D'Ache waterbrush pen medium tip Medium Tip CARAN 115.202 R169.00 incl. VAT 30
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Caran D'Ache waterbrush pen fibre tip Fibre Tip CARAN 115.203 R169.00 incl. VAT 39
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Caran D’Ache waterbrush pens stand out with ingenious design features and superb quality. The Caran D’Ache waterbrush pens screw apart, revealing a syringe type suction mechanism used to fill the body with water. Once screwed back on, the water is pumped out to the tip by pressing the inlaid pump buttons, resulting in an accurately controlled feed, and eliminating dripping.

  • available in 3 variants: Large tip, medium tip and fibre tip
  • available individually or in an assortment pack of three

pack size

set of 3, Large Tip, Medium Tip, Fibre Tip


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