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A3 - Natural Colour - 30 sheets CF 96541C R560.00 incl. VAT 4
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A3 - Assorted Colours - 6 colours x 4 sheets each CF 975411C R631.00 incl. VAT 13
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A3 - Black - 20 sheets CF 975170C R567.00 incl. VAT 18
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A3 - White - 25 sheets CF 975730C R515.00 incl. VAT 21
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Clairefontaine PaintOn paper provides the ideal compromise between dry and wet techniques for mixed media art, at an affordable price. Resistant to scratching and allowing multiple layers.

Natural Coloured Paper

With its sandy shade and fine rough grain, PaintON Natural is very much on-trend and allows the artist to work with an interesting background. It’s very popular Kraft like soft shade will give depth to colour shades. It’s fine, rough grain is well adapted to pencil, chalk and pastel. The pad comes with 30 sheets.

Assorted Coloured Paper

A brand-new paper with a Denim colour complements this essential range. The six-colours assortment is perfect for choosing the paper that suits you the best. The new natural blue-grey mineral colour is very suitable for various techniques, such as drawing, pastel, Indian ink, watercolour or oil painting.
The colours of the Assorted Paint’ON pad are white, white textured, grey, natural, black and denim.
The pad comes with 4 sheets of with each of the 6 colours (24 sheets overall).

Black Paper

Clairefontaine Paint’ON Multi-Technique paper is Black in colour which allows contrasts of colour in many technique styles. The black paper works well with mixed media such as pencil, charcoal, pastels, felt-tip, indian ink, markers and gouache. The pad comes with 20 sheets.

White Paper

The Lisse white paper of the white Paint’ON pad emphasizes the colours of the multi and mixed media mediums. A perfect blank canvas for any techniques. The paper is very smooth, matte, and non-reflecting, making it ideal for precise drawings. The pad comes with 25 sheets.




Natural Colour, Assorted Colours, Black, White


30 sheets, 6 colours x 4 sheets each, 20 sheets, 25 sheets


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