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Pastel Revolution Freezer is ideal for use on Clairefontaine Pastelmat paper.  When applying the Pastel Revolution Freezer to artwork done on other paper, ensure that the paper you have used has absorbent characteristics, and that it does not disintegrate the material.

Clairefontaine have released a series of training videos demonstrating the techniques and properties of the Pastel Revolution Freezer.  Check them out below:

1° / How to use the Pastel Revolution Freezer on Pastelmat

2°/ How to enhance dark shades of Pastelmat

3°/ Soften the Pastelmat card so that it can be rolled up

4 °/ Freeze the pigments on canvas with the Pastel Revolution Freezer

5°/ How to overlay the layers of pigments before & after with the Pastel Revolution Freezer

6°/ Apply the Pastel Revolution Freezer on canvas

7°/ How to keep the surface flat with Pastel Revolution Freezer


200ml spray bottle, 500ml spray bottle, 1L refill bottle


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