Since the 1930’s, the Ecridor writing instruments have been proudly part of the Caran D’Ache range. Inspired by the classical hexagonal shape of the Caran D’Ache wooden cased pencils, the Ecridor writing instruments are beautiful in their simplicity, outstanding in their fine attention to detail.

The gilded Chevron patterned fountain pen is an unmistakable statement of supreme style. The distinctive pattern on the metal body, palladium-coated for a supremely hard wearing outer surface requiring minimal maintenance.

The gilded Ecridor Chevron fountain pen is manufactured in Geneva, Switzerland. The Caran D’Ache name is proudly associated to Swiss heritage. Extraordinary quality control measures dominate the manufacturing process to protect the heritage and ensure that each item leaving the factory is an extraordinary product.



Technical details of the Ecridor Rotation fountain pen:

body: metal

color: gilded

ink: international standard fountain pen ink cartridges or piston pump converter

packaging: black, lined presentation case and instruction booklet

Care and maintenance

Tender loving care of your product will ensure that it remains in good shape for as long as possible. Even though the Ecridor rhodium coated pens are unusually robust, they can of course be damaged by excessive mechanical force, or exposure to aggressive or corrosive chemicals.


Caran d’Ache writing instruments of the Haute Ecriture are covered by a 2-year international guarantee against all material and manufacturing defects. The international guarantee covers a 2-year period after purchase. This period can be freely extended for 3 years on our website (5 years guarantee overall). The Haute Ecriture writing instruments manufactured before July 2020 will retain their lifetime international guarantee (if delivered with the old instruction manual and lifetime guaranty).

Leather goods and jewelry are covered by a one-year guarantee.

The guarantee does not cover normal wear, accidental damage, damage arising from improper use or shocks, or loss. Furthermore, the guarantee does not cover leads, erasers, ink refills, or personalized decoration.