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Eco friendly highlighter pencils, the obvious choice to reduce plastic waste. Made from responsibly managed FSC certified wood.

Besides the obvious environmental advantage of wood cased pencil highlighters, they are comfortable to hold, do not smear the ink, do not leak, do not soak through the paper, and do not stain while wet.

Made in Geneva, Switzerland, to the highest quality, environmental and social responsibility standards.



Technical details of the Caran D’Ache Maxi Fluo pencil:

body: FSC certified wood with water based varnish

colors: Fluo Yellow, Fluo Orange, Fluo Green, Fluo Pink

lead medium: wax based smooth texture that does not dry out

lead diameter: 6mm

packaging: packaging free loose pencils or cardboard cup of 28 assorted pencils

Care and maintenance

Caran D’Ache pencils are made to the highest quality to ensure optimal strength and protection of the lead. Best results are achieved by giving them the tender loving care they deserve. Avoid dropping or bending the pencils as this can damage the lead.


The Maxi Fluo pencils form part of the Caran D’Ache Artist range, covered by a 2 year works warranty.



Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, Assorted


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