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Rainforest TB-CI-RTA-30C R1,355.00 incl. VAT 5
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Woodlands TB-CI-RTB-30C R1,355.00 incl. VAT 4
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Seascape TB-CI-RTC-30C R1,355.00 incl. VAT 5
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The IROJITEN pencils are wax-based so you can create precise lines and details. The pencils have a stylish creamy white finish and their end piece corresponds with the lead colour.

The pencils are available in three different sets of 30 colours, each assorted in three individual boxes of ten pencils per box.

Together, the three sets create the impression of a “dictionary of colours“ – the perfect gift for collectors of high-quality art material.

The Rainforest Set is made up of:

Vol. 1: pale tone I;
Vol. 2: vivid tone I;
Vol. 3: deep tone I.

The Woodlands Set is made up of:

Vol. 4: pale tone II;
Vol. 5: deep tone II;
Vol. 6: light grayish tone I.

The Seascape Irojiten Set is made up of:

Vol. 7: fluorescence;
Vol. 8: very pale tone III;
Vol. 9: dull tone I.


IROJITEN Colour Selector:



Rainforest, Woodlands, Seascape


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