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The Maison Caran d’Ache has developed the Oberalp limited edition in tribute to the Alpine spirit that is inextricably bound up with the intrinsic Swiss identity. The fascination of the mountains and its lively folklore, expressed through song, paintings, paper-cutting or the engravings on chalet façades, represent a living heritage that perpetuates the enduring Alpine spirit.

A narrative frieze motif engraved on three sides of the body of the writing instrument pays tribute to the symbols of Alpine life and the idyllic scenery of the Swiss mountains.

A second frieze, engraved on the other three sides of the pen, portrays the beauty of edelweiss flowers. These “snow stars”, symbols of purity and enduring love, have become a universal symbol of the Alps. Crafting these miniature frieze motifs reflects the finesse of the traditional Alpine art of paper- or wood-cutting. These black-lacquered figurines stand out against the metal base coated with polished palladium.


The Oberalp Pass:

An iconic site within the Swiss Alpine heritage, the Oberalp Pass is located at an altitude of 2,044 metres at the very heart of the Swiss Alps. It links the Rhone and Rhine valleys along the watershed between North and South. From the start of the 19th century, Swiss alpine passes became the independent and neutral guardians of the major, transalpine communication routes. They continue to provide a crossing through the Alps to this day.

Paying symbolic homage to the highest point of the Oberalp Pass, Oberalp writing instruments are issued in a numbered series of 2,044.


Technical Description:

Silver-coated, rhodium-coated fountain pen.

Dimensions: length 13.6 cm & diameter 1.8 cm


Varius shape –2 engraved frieze motifs with black lacquer applied by hand.
1st frieze motif: symbols of Alpine life
2nd frieze motif: edelweiss blossoms

Polished Caran d’Ache logo in black lacquer on the cap.

Clip: Delicately engraved with one edelweiss blossom.

Rhodium and silver-coated writing block decorated with a fine engraving of three Edelweiss blossoms.


Rhodium-coated nib.
Available in sizes F, M, B.

Ink cartridges and refills:
• Fitted with a piston ink pump and two idyllic blue ink cartridges
• Compatible with all small Chromatics ink cartridges


The Limited Edition is presented in its own special box : solid beech wooden case shaped like an authentic chalet, displaying the Alpine frieze and its miniature figurines.

Limited Edition Certificate.

Owner’s manual and international lifetime guarantee.

Nib size

Fine, Medium, Large

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