The Caran D’Ache Pastel cubes are an extra-fine dry pastel developed in close collaboration with master pastel artists. A large assortment of 84 cubes, mixed to meet the most demanding standards. Available in both pencil and cube form using the exact same medium, it allows artists the flexibility to produce both the fine details as well as the large surfaces with the same colour.

The shadow 6pc set comes with 6 pastel cubes in a shadow coloured assortment, with 1 piece of sandpaper used for sharpening.

Manufactured at the Caran D’Ache factory in Geneva, Switzerland from FSC certified wood.

  • Extra fine dry pastel cubes
  • 6mm x 6mm x 83mm
  • easy to handle, versatile: solid colour work (edges), delicate work (corners)
  • pure colours, ultra-fine pigments
  • range of 84 colours
  • high pigment concentration resulting in rich and vibrant colours with powerful coverage
  • Use to cover large areas or for fine detail
  • Contains 6 cubes and 1 sandpaper for sharpening
  • Shadow color assortment with the artist in mind


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