Sweesha, the Swiss designer sheesha. Bubbles of Pleasure.

Designed by a South African, manufactured in Switzerland, this sheesha speaks for itself. A functional artwork, turning intrigued heads and showing trendy style.

Smoking sheesha like never before, there is no return once the pleasure of this thoughtful design masterpiece has been experienced. The Sweesha is next level in practical benefits and aesthetic looks.


The flowing, smooth shape of the Sweesha, together with the modern, trendy colours, catch the eye and mesmerize the viewer. It is a beauty to look at and behold, the centre piece of the gathering, the celebration of the moment. Bold but sleek, opulent but modest, radiating sumptuous extravagance, the Sweesha is a luscious status symbol.

Practical Benefits

The Sweesha not only looks pretty, it also offers many practical benefits, too. The rubber foot, and the sturdy melamine body make it a most break resistant sheesha, able to withstand the rigors of daily use. The stainless steel coal plate, the clean design, and surgical grade hose ensure the highest hygiene and safety. The simple, sturdy design ensures dependable reliability.


A custom molded carry case is available for the Sweesha to provide the ultimate protection. Various compartments store all the required accessories, and shoulder straps allow for convenient carrying, just as one would expect, from a Swiss designer sheesha.

Spare parts of the Sweesha can be purchased separately, and support is available in South Africa.

For further info check out sweesha.co.za




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