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KNI.0020.1000 SWIZA knife DO2 red Red SWIZA KNI.0020.1000 R623.88 incl. VAT 2
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KNI.0020.1030 SWIZA knife DO2 blue Blue SWIZA KNI.0020.1030 R623.88 incl. VAT 2
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KNI.0020.1020 SWIZA knife DO2 white White SWIZA KNI.0020.1020 R623.88 incl. VAT 7
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KNI.0020.1010 SWIZA knife DO2 black Black SWIZA KNI.0020.1010 R623.88 incl. VAT 3
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Red Dot Design Award

The authentic SWIZA Swiss knife. An icon from the 60’s, made 2017. The ergonomic curved shape, the sure-grip and soft-touch finish, the ingenious blade lock, the dishwasher-safe stainless steel construction and easy opening tools for left- and right-handers, earned this companion theRed Dot Design Award, best of the best 2016. Folds comfortably into the hand, and slips conveniently into the pocket, awaiting the next task with ease and style. The Swiss knife, reinvented.



The DO2 SWIZA knife has the following tools:

  • 75mm blade
  • awl
  • phillips screwdriver
  • tweezers
Care and maintenance

Instructions for care and maintenance can be found here.


All SWIZA knives come with a lifetime warranty. See warranty terms here.



Red, White, Black, Blue