4 x alcohol-based markers ABT PRO with two tips: Uniquely flexible and easily controllable nylon brush tip for variable line widths; wide chisel tip for even application of colour / Fits comfortably in the hand due to its slim shape. Slow and well controllable ink flow allows especially precise drawing / Alcohol-based ink: Repeated colour application (layering) allows the creation of effects, depth and shadows / Colours: Brown, spice, tan and warm grey.

1 x Bristol paper pad in DIN A5 format:25 pages, 250gsm / smooth paper, bright white / High opacity and acid-free / Ideally suited for colour gradients and layering.

1 x set of instructions by Tanja Geier (@missniceday): Tanja Geier shows step-by-step how easy it is to colour a cute pug and a delicious cup of cappuccino using the ABT PRO colours and the Bristol paper included in the set.

Set of instructions also contains templates with the outlines of both motifs and QR Code for downloading a video tutorial.


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