Empower your study sessions with the Tombow Creative Study Kit, a thoughtfully crafted set designed to meet the needs of both university and school students. This all-in-one kit includes four dual-tip highlighters, four dual-tip marker pens, and a four-colour ballpoint pen, offering a versatile array of creative tools for effective note-making.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Tip Highlighters and Markers: Enjoy the flexibility of dual-tip highlighters and markers, allowing you to switch between broad and fine tips effortlessly. Perfect for underlining key points, adding emphasis, or creating detailed notes.
  2. Colour Coordination: The kit features four vibrant colours – pink, green, blue, and orange – consistently across both highlighters and markers. This enables students to organize and colour-code their notes, making it easy to differentiate between subjects or categories.
  3. Comprehensive Note-Taking: Whether you’re tackling complex university lectures or capturing essential information in school, the Creative Study Kit provides a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your note-taking experience.
  4. 4-Colour Ballpoint Pen: Consolidate your writing needs with the included four-colour ballpoint pen. Effortlessly switch between colours for a dynamic and efficient note-taking process.

Elevate your study routine with the Tombow Creative Study Kit – where functionality meets creativity, empowering you to create organized, visually appealing notes that support your academic success.


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