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MONO drawing pen 3pack TB-WS-EFL-3P R213.00 incl. VAT 0
MONO drawing pen 01 TB-WS-EFL01 R71.00 incl. VAT 0
MONO drawing pen 03 TB-WS-EFL03 R71.00 incl. VAT 1
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MONO drawing pen 05 TB-WS-EFL05 R71.00 incl. VAT 6
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The Fineliner MONO Drawing Pen is available in three nib sizes: 01, 03 and 05. (01: 0.2mm, 03: 0.35mm, 05: 0.46mm).

The fineliner pens have an odourless, black, (non-refillable), water-based pigment ink, producing smooth lines with no smudging and an instantly drying ink! The fineliners have durable nibs and can thus withstand firm pressure without the tip bending, ensuring a steady ink flow.

The fineliner pens are ideal when combined with coloured art markers and pencils, and are perfect on drawing, marker, watercolour, and mixed media paper!

Perfect for creative activities of illustrations, technical drawings, manga, anime, lettering and journaling.



MONO drawing pen 01, MONO drawing pen 03, MONO drawing pen 05, MONO drawing pen 3pack


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