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various - various - various - black display TB-WS-TBHS-24P-A R1,760.00 incl. VAT 0
black - various - various - assortment TB-WS-BHS-2P R120.00 incl. VAT 11
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black/grey - hard tip - dual tip - singles TB-WS-TBS R94.00 incl. VAT 112
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black - soft tip - single tip - singles TB-WS-BS R63.00 incl. VAT 124
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black - hard tip - single tip - singles TB-WS-BH R63.00 incl. VAT 169
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The Fudenosuke brush pens feature a fine, hard tip for precision details and outlines. Pigment-based ink becomes water-resistant once dried so that details and outlines are not smudged during colouring later.

The elastic tip provides a comfortable variable line width by applying pressure.

The black Fudenosuke pen is available in three versions: hard tip, soft tip, and dual tip (one side black, the other grey)


black, grey, brown, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, black/grey, various

tip hardness

soft tip, hard tip, various

single/dual tip

single tip, dual tip, various

pack size

singles, assortment, black display, colour display


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