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Tombow Dust Catch eraser EN-DC Dust Catch TB-EN-DC R42.55 incl. VAT 102
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Tombow Sand eraser ES-512A Sand TB-ES-512A R51.29 incl. VAT 91
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Tombow Sand & Rubber eraser ES-510A Sand & Rubber TB-ES-510A R51.29 incl. VAT 42
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Tombow Smart eraser ET-ST Smart TB-ET-ST R46.46 incl. VAT 55
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Tombow Light eraser PE-LTS Light TB-PE-LTS R31.97 incl. VAT 19
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Tombow Mono XS Eraser PE-01A PE-01A Mono XS TB-PE-01A R24.15 incl. VAT 44
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Tombow Mono M eraser PE-04A PE-04A Mono M TB-PE-04A R29.90 incl. VAT 87
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Tombow Mono M eraser PE-07A PE-07A Mono L TB-PE-07A R65.78 incl. VAT 0
Tombow eraser assortment box ER-98P 98 piece display TB-MONO-ER-98P R4,397.37 incl. VAT 2
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Content of 98 piece Tombow eraser display:

  • 5 x EH-KUR
  • 5 x EH-KUR11
  • 5 x EH-KUS
  • 5 x EH-KUS11
  • 10 x ET-ST
  • 20 x PE-01A
  • 20 x PE-04A
  • 10 x PE-07A
  • 5 x PE-LTS
  • 5 x EN-DC
  • 4 x ES-512A
  • 4 x ES-510A

display dimensions (h/w/d) 170 mm x 315 mm x 245 mm


EN-DC Dust Catch, ES-510A Sand & Rubber, ES-512A Sand, ET-ST Smart, PE-LTS Light, PE-01A Mono XS, PE-04A Mono M, PE-07A Mono L, ER-98P 98 piece display


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