Introducing the Tombow Urban Lettering Set—a comprehensive toolkit curated for enthusiasts and advanced calligraphers alike. Elevate your lettering skills with five high-quality dual brush pens, perfect for delving into the realms of calligraphy and modern lettering. This set also features a fine-tipped water brush pen, adding versatility to your creative toolkit.

Crafted in collaboration with Spanish artist Iván Caíña, the Urban Lettering Set offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Unlock your creativity with the included digital guide, providing insights into each pen’s usage and inspiring ideas for beginners. Advanced calligraphers will appreciate Iván Caíña’s expertise in showcasing contemporary lettering techniques. Whether you’re starting your lettering journey or seeking fresh inspiration, the Tombow Urban Lettering Set is your key to mastering the art of modern lettering.


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