Unleash your creativity with the Tombow Water Brush Pen Set, designed for watercolour enthusiasts and artists on the move. This versatile set includes three refillable brushes, each equipped with a distinct tip size (fine, medium, and flat) to cater to your artistic needs.

Key Features:

  1. Refillable and Easy to Use: The innovative design of these water brushes allows for hassle-free refilling, ensuring uninterrupted creativity. Simply squeeze the barrel to deliver the perfect amount of water to your brush tip.
  2. Multiple Tip Sizes: Explore a variety of techniques with the set’s fine, medium, and flat tips. Achieve intricate details, expressive strokes, or broad coverage effortlessly.
  3. Ideal for Watercolouring Mediums: Whether you’re working with watercolours, aquarelle, or lettering, these pens are crafted to deliver precision and control. Elevate your artwork with the seamless blending and vibrant effects these water brushes provide.
  4. On-the-Go Convenience: Perfect for artists who love to create anywhere, the Tombow Water Brush Pens feature protective caps that preserve the integrity of the tips. Take your artistic endeavors wherever inspiration strikes!

Unlock a world of artistic possibilities with the Tombow Water Brush Pen Set. Elevate your watercolour experience, and embrace the freedom to create wherever your imagination takes you.


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