The fourth sign in the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is known for its serenity, wisdom and good humour. Refined and discreet, this sign is appreciated for its unfailing
calmness. Predictions concerning the years of the rabbit are generally periods of
observation and introspection.

Through the Chinese lacquer technique, the elegant lavender silhouette of the Rabbit
appears, offering a chic yet delicate contrast all around the writing instrument. The
lacquer, which require twelve days of application, is meticulously hand-applied layer
by layer using techniques handed down through generations. The Chinese seal in
Caran d’Ache red and the gilt attributes create a striking contrast with this dark
material, emphasising the meticulous work of the master lacquerer.

The “Year of the Rabbit” writing instruments are designed and created as an artistic
tribute. They embody the precious arts of engraving and authentic Chinese lacquer,
long cultivated in the Caran d’Ache workshops. The “Year of the Rabbit” limited
edition is composed of 888 fountain pens and 888 roller pens, each of which is numbered.


Fountain Pen Technical Details:

Dimensions: length 13.8 cm & diameter 1.25 cm

• Body in polished black gloss Chinese lacquer
• Representation of a Rabbit’s body in lavender Chinese lacquer
• Calligraphic representation of the rabbit character
• Red Caran d’Ache Chinese seal
• “Chinese lacquer” engraved in Chinese on the end
• Ring engraved with the Caran d’Ache and Swiss Made logos

Writing Block with gold-plating and two engraved representations of the Rabbit.

Cap in polished black gloss Chinese lacquer with representation of a Rabbit’s body in lavender Chinese lacquer.

Clip and button in gold-plating.

Hand, polished 18 carat yellow gold nib. Available in size M, other nib sizes available on request.

“xxx/888” numbering engraved on the end of the cap. (888: lucky number in China and a symbol of ultimate balance).

Supplied with two blue ink cartridges, and with piston ink pump.

Can be refilled with all the small Chromatics cartridges.

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