Rhodia Pads, Notebooks and Stationery

Rhodia is a renowned brand in the art supply industry, recognized for its exceptional paper products and stationery. With a legacy spanning over 80 years, the French company has established itself as a symbol of quality, innovation, and functionality.

Rhodia is best known for its iconic notepads, notebooks, and sketchbooks, which are highly regarded by artists, designers, and writers worldwide. These products feature Rhodia’s signature orange and black covers, and are beloved for their smooth, acid-free paper that provides an excellent surface for various art mediums, including ink, markers, and pencils. Products are grouped into categories of Rhodia Basics, Rhodia Classic, Rhodia Active, Rhodia Boutique, Rhodiarama, Rhodia Touch, and the co-branded PA Scribe product range of the legendary Paul Antonio Scribe.  A range of writing instruments and filing products are also available.

The brand’s commitment to quality extends to the construction of their products. Rhodia notebooks and sketchbooks are meticulously crafted with sturdy binding, lay-flat designs, and perforated pages, ensuring durability and ease of use for artists on the go. The attention to detail and functionality makes Rhodia products a preferred choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Rhodia’s reputation for producing reliable, high-quality art supplies has made it a trusted brand among creatives seeking exceptional paper products and stationery. With a focus on functionality, durability, and attention to detail, Rhodia continues to be a go-to choice for artists and stationery enthusiasts worldwide.


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