Brause is a well-respected brand in the art supply industry, particularly known for its high-quality calligraphy and drawing tools. With a history dating back to 1850, the German company has garnered a reputation for producing exceptional nibs and writing instruments that are favored by calligraphers, lettering artists, and illustrators.

Brause’s specialty lies in its calligraphy nibs, which are crafted with precision and expertise. The brand offers a wide range of nib styles and sizes, catering to various calligraphy styles and preferences. These nibs are revered for their durability, flexibility, and smooth ink flow, allowing artists to achieve precise and expressive strokes in their work. In addition to calligraphy nibs, Brause also produces dip pens, fountain pens, and other writing instruments. These instruments are designed with a focus on functionality and ergonomic comfort, providing artists with reliable tools for their creative endeavors.

Brause’s commitment to quality is evident in its use of premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship. The brand utilizes traditional manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest standards of excellence in its products. Whether it’s the durable steel nibs or the ergonomic pen designs, Brause consistently delivers tools that meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Brause has a rich heritage and a long-standing reputation for its expertise in calligraphy and drawing supplies. Its products have gained the trust of artists and calligraphers worldwide, who appreciate the brand’s dedication to quality, precision, and artistic expression. Brause joined Clairefontaine in early 2021 to write a new page in its history on high-quality paper.

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