If you are dissatisfied with an item purchased from our website you may return it to our  Head Office in Hout Bay (or the Webstore within 48 hours) for a refund, replacement or exchange provided that the conditions of our Refund & Exchange policy have been satisfied.


  1. We will exchange or refund a product provided that:
    1. there is valid proof of purchase, i.e. tax invoice;
    2. it is within 6 months of the original purchase date;
    3. it is in its original packaging or condition, i.e the security seal or shrink wrap is intact (if applicable), product is unworn and unused and the online store’s barcode ticket is attached.
  2. All refunds are processed strictly in accordance with the original sales tender type and only after confirmation that the funds were received in our bank account.
  3. If you wish to exchange/return something that you purchased online at www.heye.co.za and have met the above conditions for refund or exchange, you can do so by:
    1. a. Sending the selected item back to our Webstore, together with your invoice, and your credit card will be refunded with the appropriate amount. Please note that the cost of couriering the product back to our Webstore shall be incurred by the purchaser. The address details are as follows:
    2. b. Attention: The Webstore & Heye Ventures Head Office
      2 Cedar Close
      Hout Bay
      Cape Town
  4. If you wish to return something that you purchased online at www.heye.co.za because the item you received is either damaged or not what you ordered, you can:
    1. a. Email shoponline@heye.co.za and request Heye Ventures to collect the product in question within 48 hours of receiving the goods. Heye Ventures will send their courier to collect the damaged/incorrect product, at their own cost, and replace it with the correct product.
  5. Tell us about your experience on the website:
    1. contact our Customer Care Line on 021 825 9876 or
    2. e-mail us at shoponline@heye.co.za