Stay Connected and Secure with the All-New Radio Chest Harness!

Keep your radio safe, your hands free, and your communication clear with the innovative Chest Harness. This lightweight harness is designed for ultimate comfort and functionality.  Always have your radio and your cellphone readily available without the risk of losing them overboard!

Advantages of using a Chest Harness:

  • Freedom of Movement: The ergonomic design keeps the radio firmly secured, freeing your hands for vigorous activities as demanded in regatta sailing, paddling or fishing.
  • Clear Communication: The holster positions the radio where you can hear it clearly and are able to respond quickly and easily.
  • Safety: Always have your radio instantly available in emergency situations when you need it most.  (e.g. MOB, capsize)

Multifunctional Design:

  • Cell Phone Pouch: A dedicated pouch keeps your phone close at hand, allowing you to switch between devices seamlessly.
  • Handy Pen Sleeve: Never be caught without a pen again. The built-in sleeve stores your pen for quick note-taking or form completion.

Whether you’re on the deck of a boat, at a construction site, or coordinating a large event, the Chest Harness is the perfect solution for staying connected and in control.